Elderberry Zinc + Vitamin C Gummies


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Immunity Support – Supplementing with our elderberry gummies may help boost your immune system. Elderberry has very powerful properties & is loaded with antioxidants!
Potent Formulation – Our Elderberry Gummies are formulated to maximize the nutrients in each serving and provide you with the optimal potency. Each serving of our Elderberry Gummies delivers 100 mg of Elderberry extract, 90 mg of Vitamin C & 7.5 mg of Zinc.
Delicious Flavor – Bored of tasteless chewable supplements? Our elderberry gummies have a tasty raspberry flavour that will always keep you & your family looking forward to your next serving!
Powerful Superfood – Elderberries are naturally loaded with antioxidants that may help neutralize free radicals. Elderberry is a renowned superfood which belongs in everyone’s lives!
Suitable For The Whole Family – Our Elderberry Gummies do not contain any artificial chemicals, coloring agents or additives, making them the ideal daily supplement for both children and adults.

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